All About Wedding Albums (And reasons why you need one!)

A beautiful, tangible piece of history that will always remain in your home and be passed down for generations. In this digital age, we believe strongly in the importance of printing your photos.

We use the best album company around, known for its incredible quality – Red Tree Albums . They are hand-crafted, in Louisville, Kentucky using the finest archival materials to ensure a long life.

Heirloom wedding album and why you should invest in one

5 reasons Why You Should Invest in a Heirloom Wedding Album

1. It tells a beautiful story from start to finish of your wedding day

2. It can be passed down to future generations

3. They are incredible quality, custom designed, and only available to professional photographers

4. Technology is fast-changing, a wedding album is timeless.

5. Its tangible, you can hold it in your hands and physically stare at it VS a computer screen

BONUS – Our photos look amazing printed!

Flat lay photo of a luxury wedding album

Photo of thick pages of a luxury, heirloom wedding album by Red Tree Albums

How the process works:

-After you receive the wedding gallery, you will ‘favorite’ or ‘heart’ 50 photos you would love to include in your wedding album

-I will custom design it for you with a professional album lay-out program, using as many as your favorite images as I can while also including a few just for story-telling and design purposes

-You will review the album, make notes, revisions, etc

-You get to pick your cover material (see all the beautiful options from Red Tree Albums by clicking here)

-You will approve a custom debossing (script for the front cover with your name and date)

-Wait for your beautiful album to arrive and stare at all its beauty!

wedding album photo

“We absolutely love our wedding album! Our wedding photos were gorgeous to begin with, but they were even more stunning when laid out in the album – I may or may not have cried when we looked through it for the first time. It truly captures the entire day from start to finish and highlights all of the wonderful moments that we’ll always remember! We opened it again on our first anniversary and can’t wait to do so for years to come!” – Alison Williams

Any questions about wedding albums or the process? Please email us! Make sure to check out Red Tree Album’s Instagram for more gorgeous examples. We also have some videos flipping through entire albums on our Instagram story highlights – click here!

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