Film mentoring sessions for photographers, Sarasota Film Photographer


Film has been something we’ve been shooting personally and professionally for over 4 years. We have used multiple medium format cameras, 35mm, experimented with flash, film stocks, and scanners. Our love for it overflows, and we really think all photographers could benefit from learning and shooting film. Because of this I am so excited to announce I am going to offer mentoring sessions on how to shoot film. Please email everencephotography@gmail.com for more information

Film mentoring sessions for photographers, Sarasota Film Photographer


Angel from Love and Covenant ⁣ ⁣

“I’m a fairly new film photographer. Jessica was probably one of my biggest inspirations for actually taking the leap into the film world. I always felt something different about film photos but I just didn’t know what it was. The “look” caught my attention but I wasn’t sure if I was up for the challenge of learning the ins and outs. Thankfully, I had Jessica. When I purchased the 1V, I reached out to her for mentoring because I knew she was a long time pro at this. At our mentoring session she set up a a beautiful shoot with a model and taught me how to shoot film, from installing the film roll and using a light meter, all the way to filling out the lab’s developing form. She is patient, detailed and explained everything in a way that didn’t feel foreign. After that first mentoring session, everyone started noticing the upgrade in my work and the beauty of film photography. I owe all I’ve learned so far to her! Today she still continues to be there for me with support and is always available to help me with any questions I may have. Jessica is a wonderful person and that translates greatly into her way of educating.”